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Roll Rite is a highly respected provider of automated tarp covering systems. 

Trison Tarps LLC is a Roll Rite Distributor in the USA; Roll Rite products are something we are very pleased to provide to the trucking industry nationwide.

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Expert American engineering, installation documentation, service, easy to replace parts, and industry leading warranties are all things you can expect when using Roll Rite’s automated tarp systems.

If you’re looking for Roll Rite tarps, Roll Rite Motors, replacement Roll Rite parts, or a Roll Rite tarp system, feel free to give us a call today: 

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Roll Rite Tarp Systems are designed to serve the Construction, Agriculture, Refuse, and Recycling industries.

Roll Rite Tarp systems for Hooklifts and Roll Off Trailers

These systems are designed specifically for Hooklift, Lugger, or Roll off trucks or trailers hauling detachable containers. 

Remote controlled, Electric tarp systems allow the operator to open or close the system from the safety of their cab.

Or, from standing outside where the operator can easily use the remote key fob and advance the tarp system while making sure it won’t interfere with a tree or other overhead object, or anything like that.

Whether you have a Roll off truck that hauls the exact same size bin all the time, or a Truck and trailer combo hauling one size bin in one load, and another size bin the next load, there’s a Roll Rite System to fit your needs.

DC 200

Suited for hauling bins of the same size all the time. The simplest remote controlled, electric flip tarp system.

Designed for use on Single Axle Trucks hauling the same size container; tarp can be up to 24 feet.

DC 350

When you need to carry different sized containers from one load to the next.

Come with an adjustable tower, and adjustable pivot point. 

The tarp system can literally adjust to cover the size of the bin you are carrying.

Designed for trucks carrying various sized containers; tarp length can be up to 30’.


For trucks carrying large, similar sized bins; tarp length can be up to 30’.

Roll Rite Tarp Systems for Trailers

When it comes to automated tarp systems for trailers, there are two types of Roll Rite solutions: Front to Back systems, and Side to Side systems.

Front to Back Roll Rite Tarp Systems

Front to Back tarp systems are also commonly known as Flip Tarps. Check out the Roll Rite options below:

TarpMaster 5000

This system is designed for short trailers – up to 32 ft in length. This includes pup trailers, belly dumps, and short end dump trailers.

Super Duty Series

This system is designed for longer trailers up to 53 feet in length. This includes scrap trailers, gondola trailers, or industry standard dump trailers.

These tarp systems are designed for loads that need coverage, but don’t need to be sealed; for example, loads like gravel, or scrap metal.

If you are looking for a tarp system for a load that needs to be sealed, see below for the Side to Side options.

The tarp systems in this series are:

Super Duty 5000 – for End Dumps & Pups up to 26 feet

Super Duty 6000 – for End Dumps up to 32 feet

Super Duty 8000 – for End Dumps & Scrap Trailers up to 38 feet

Super Duty EX8012 – for Scrap Trailers up to 44 feet

Super Duty EX8016 – for Scrap Trailers over 46 feet

Side to Side Systems

If a load requires sealed coverage, for example loads like grain, then Side to Side systems are the right option instead of Front to Back systems.

Roll Rite Side to Side Electric Tarp Systems can be used for:

Belly Dump Trailers

Live Bottom Trailers

End Dump Trailers

Grain Trailers

Side Dump Trailers

Transfer Trailers

Roll Rite Motors:

Roll Rite motors have the best warranty in the industry and built to last. We recently had a call from a customer who had a 15 year old Roll Rite motor, and it finally needed to be replaced.

Trison Tarps offers free shipping on all Roll Rite motors, with expedited shipping options available – just give us a call!

The options we have in stock and ready to ship are:

Roll Rite 10310 Tarp Master Motor – 3 year warranty

Roll Rite 20120 Thru-shaft Tarp Motor – 5 year warranty

Roll Rite 10200 Tarp Stretcher Motor – 5 year warranty

Roll Rite 10122 Electric Tarp Super Duty Motor – 5 year warranty

Roll Rite Parts:

Roll Rite Parts for Front to Back systems – Truck

Spool Kits


Pivot Sets

Bow Upper Arms

Roll Rite Parts for Front to Back systems – Trailer

Spool Kits


Pivot Sets

Bow Upper Arms

Roll Rite Parts for Side to Side systems – Trailer

Front Arms

Rear Arms & Returns

Axle Kits

Roll Rite Parts for Roll Off Trailer tarp systems

Spool Kits


Pivot Sets

Bow Upper Arms

Roll Rite Tarps:

Roll Rite offers a range of tarps made out of various weights of mesh or vinyl.

Mesh Roll Rite Tarps:

Mesh tarps vary from a general purpose premium mesh, to a proprietary Super Tough mesh, to the strongest mesh tarps used in the industry: Super Tough Extreme mesh.

In general, most Flip Tarp applications are suited well for Roll Rite Super Tough mesh tarps.

These tarps are long lasting, very durable, and 3-4x as strong as the typical mesh tarp you see on a dump truck or other truck/trailer operating a front to back flip tarp system.

Vinyl Roll Rite Tarps:

Roll Rite offers front to back vinyl tarps, and side to side vinyl tarps, in either 18 oz, 22 oz, or 22oz ripstop fabrics.

They are sold by the foot, and can be custom built to your specifications.

Asphalt Roll Rite Tarps:

Roll Rite Asphalt tarps are intended for handling the high heat that is present when hauling asphalt.

The tarps are solid vinyl, to maintain consistent temperatures required when handling asphalt.