Rockhard Liners: For End Dumps and Dump Trucks

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Trison Tarps LLC. offers Rockhard Liners as the ultimate liner solution for a wide range of trucks, including end dump trailers, live bottom trailers, dump trucks, and dump truck pony trailers. 

Why Rockhard Dump Truck Liners by Trison Tarps?

Extend the life of your box and assist with load release.

The durable and lightweight material offers good impact resistance.

Cost-effective option for truck owners looking for a reliable dump liner. 

Professional service and fast installation.

Different Liners for a Variety of Applications

Rockhard AggregateRockhard ExtremeRockhard High Temp
MaterialHMWUHMWHigh Temp UHMW
ApplicationGravel, SandLarge rocks, gravelAsphalt
Thickness3/8″ typical, 1/4″ to 1″ available3/8″ typical, 1/4″ to 1″ available1/2″ typical, 1/2″ to 1″ available
QualityMedium DutyHigh DutyHigh Temp
Width4′ to 12′4′ to 12′4′ to 12′

HMW Dump Truck Liners

HMW dump truck liners are made from high-density polyethylene material. This material is durable, lightweight, and offers good impact resistance.

HMW liners are a cost-effective option for truck owners looking for a reliable end dump liner or dump truck liner.

HMW trailer liners are best suited for gravel and sand haulers, or when hauling grain.

UHMW Dump Truck Liners

UHMW dump truck liners are made of a denser material than HMW. They can withstand the constant impact and sliding of materials like gravel, sand, rocks, and other abrasive materials.

UHMW liners will last about 2x as long as an HMW liner, resulting in less downtime swapping a liner out and more time on the road!

UHMW dump truck bed liners are also resistant to chemicals, which makes them ideal for hauling corrosive materials like salt and fertilizer.

Hauling Asphalt

If you are hauling asphalt, the previous two options are not viable, as the hot asphalt will melt and destroy the liners. 

So if you are looking for an asphalt liner for a dump truck, you would need a liner specifically made for hauling asphalt.  

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Good product and speedy service.

9 months ago
Taylor B.

Everything went very smoothly; part was the exact item we needed! Thank you!

10 months ago
Jeff K.

Fast shipping, great product - good communication throughout. I'll be back!

11 months ago


A liner for a dump truck usually costs between $1800 – $3200; it depends on how  long and wide the liner is and what type of product you’re hauling (gravel, rock, asphalt, etc.). 

A liner for an end dump trailer can cost anywhere from $2500 – $4500, depending on the width, length, and thickness of the material.

An HMW liner that is typically used for products like grain or sand, can last 2-3 years if properly installed. 

A UHMW liner can last from 4-7 years if properly installed. To get more life out of a liner, we offer Combo options, where the last 15 feet of the liner is 33% thicker than the front part. Since the rear of the trailer is the highest wear area, this can significantly increase the longevity of your liner.

A liner can typically be installed in 5-8 hours; this timeframe increases if an existing liner and cover strips need to be removed before installing a new liner.

Give us a call today to book an appointment! We can schedule your trailer for liner installation within 3 weeks.

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