Livestock Trailer Tarps in Paris, Texas

Custom-Made Stock Trailer Tarps Shipped Nationwide

Trison Tarps is a family-owned business that caters to ranches and farms that raise or trade cattle, horses, and other livestock.

We want to ensure that the livestock trailer tarps we produce fit every trailer our customers bring us; or, order online today and get your tarp shipped to you.

At Trison Tarps, we specialize in meeting our customers’ needs in terms of size, design, and function.

We take pride in ensuring that every livestock trailer tarp is the best possible quality we can produce for customers’ needs.

This is why we custom-make our stock trailer tarps to order.

Prices for Livestock Trailer Tarp

  • 12 foot – $460.00
  • 14 foot – $482.00
  • 16 foot – $519.00
  • 20 foot – $576.00
  • 24 foot – $643.00
  • 28 foot – $684.00
  • 32 foot – $729.00
  • 36 foot – $813.00
  • 38 foot – $837.00
  • 40 foot – $859.00

How to Order a New Stock Trailer Tarp

Start by calling us at 1-855-851-4700 or filling in a contact form.

We can ship directly to you, for $49.

Alternatively, you are welcome to visit us at 3955 FM 137 in Paris, Texas to discuss your needs.

Once you have placed your order and specified exactly what you need, including material type and trailer size, we will give you a time and day to bring your trailer to our facility.

Generally, we need customers to leave their trailers on site for 2-3 business days if you need installation.

If you need your livestock tarp quicker, we can usually turn it around within 1 business day.

But it is essential to book ahead and select a day that suits you.

We install as well; our rates are $98/hr for this and usually takes 1-1.5 hours.

Our prices are competitive and we have tax-exempt forms available for Texas residents.

The Trison Tarps team looks forward to doing business with you.

Trison Tarps caters for all trailer brands including, in alphabetical order:

  • Banens
  • Bowie
  • Brutus
  • CM
  • Delco
  • Dugan/Stone
  • Fair-West
  • Hale
  • Kaufman
  • Neckover
  • Performance
  • Ranch King
  • S&D
  • Stidham
  • W-W

What are Livestock Trailer Tarps?

Livestock trailer tarps, also known as stock trailer tarps, are designed for covering trailers that transport animals.

Whatever livestock farmers need to transport, it is essential to protect them from sun, wind, rain, and cold, depending on prevailing weather conditions.

This means that stock trailer tarps must be strong, waterproof, and made to withstand the elements and extreme wear and tear.

Various designs are available; for example, you might only want a trailer tarp cover, or you might want to add a tail flap or even drop walls or side curtains for added protection.

Livestock Trailer Tarps
A livestock trailer tarp Trison Tarps recently custom-made for a Texas customer.

Legal Issues That Affect Livestock Trailers & Tarps

There are lots of regulations that govern both the securement and transportation of cargo in the U.S.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, for example, has stringent cargo securement rules.

The USDA also has Animal Welfare Act and Animal Welfare Regulations that cover, amongst other things, the safe and humane transportation of animals.

It doesn’t cover details like what livestock trailers or specific tarps may be used.

However, it does govern the care, handling, and treatment of all animals being transported, including feeding, watering, ventilation, and shelter from extreme temperature and weather conditions.

Livestock Trailers

At Trison Tarps, we know that livestock trailers come in different formats in terms of size and style.

This is why we don’t ship out livestock trailer tarps but rather custom-build them to fit the many trailer variations businesses use.

Your choice of trailer will depend largely on the type and quantity of livestock you move, as well as the tow vehicles you use, as well as the distances you travel.

Smaller bumper-pull stock trailers are best for SUVs because you just hitch them up to your towing truck.

Gooseneck stock trailers are what you will need for hauling larger numbers of animals with bigger towing vehicles.

Livestock trailer tarp
A new Trison Tarps stock trailer tarp fitted on a gooseneck trailer used for hauling livestock.

We also make stock trailer tarps for custom-made and homemade trailers designed for hauling animals from cattle and sheep to ponies.

Why Do We Use Livestock Trailer Tarps?

It is essential to keep livestock safe and as calm as possible to protect your live load.

Well-designed Trison Tarps stock trailer tarps enable those in the animal transportation business to do exactly this.

Our livestock trailer tarps are designed to protect animals from injury and exposure to extreme weather conditions during transportation.

Types of Stock Trailer Tarp Covers

It stands to reason that the type of stock trailer tarp you need will depend on the livestock trailer you are using.

We fabricate tarps for all livestock trailer needs and manufacture and install a range of tough and long-lasting types including:

  • Tarp covers for bar-top trailers
  • Gooseneck-style livestock trailer tarp covers and side tarps
  • Cattle trailer tarp tops
  • Stock trailer covers
  • Stock trailer side panels
  • Bonnet top-only tarps

Top-quality Trison Tarps can be used for all trailer brands, and we will fit any type.

Materials for the Best Livestock Tarps

If you look for stock trailer tarps for sale, you will find that there are several options in terms of material type.

These include vinyl, as well as vinyl that incorporates ducking, mesh, and custom webbing.

You will also find canvas stock tarps and canvas tops for trailers.

But the most popular and practical material is a good quality vinyl-coated fabric that is waterproof.

Strength and Durability

The type of material and thread used to manufacture any livestock tarps determines, to a large extent, its strength and durability.

Ultimately, you want a trailer tarp cover that won’t rot or attract mildew.

You also want the stitching to hold up against deterioration from sunlight and UV radiation.

Trison Tarps makes livestock trailer tarps from 16-18 oz. vinyl-coated fabric that is 100% waterproof.

It is strong and incredibly durable and will keep all livestock, including cattle, sheep, goats, and ponies, protected from wind, rain, ice, and snow.

We heat-seal seams and use wear-resistant hardware that you can depend on.


Color is a personal choice, though when transporting livestock it’s wise to consider that dark colors absorb more heat.

Dark colors also show less dirt or tell-tale signs of tarp repairs.

Trison Tarps offers white, tan, grey, and black tarps – take your pick.


When we install livestock tarps, we use 1/4” nylon rope.

livestock trailer tarp
The nylon rope Trison Tarps uses for installation is sturdy and strong, and won’t let you down.

As a no-cost extra, we will dispose of your old tarp too.