Tarp Repair

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  • Tarp Repair Tape

    Tarp Repair Tape (6″ x 50′ Roll)

    PN: 9914S-6
  • HH-66 Vinyl Cement

    HH-66 Vinyl Cement

    PN: MGL1
  • Tarp Repair Kit

    Tarp Repair Kit – 25 sq ft of 16oz Vinyl and 32oz HH 66 Vinyl Cement

    PN: TRKBK1632
  • 16oz Tarp Repair Vinyl Black 16oz

    16oz Tarp Repair Vinyl

    PN: TVBK-25
  • Tarp Repair Roller

    Tarp Repair Roller

    PN: MRO

We use truck and trailer tarps to protect anything from expensive equipment, vehicles, and furniture to invaluable livestock and their feed. 

But while tarps will protect your load from all kinds of damage, or, in the case of livestock, injury, even the best quality tarp materials bear the brunt of ongoing wear and tear. 

While there will be times that you will need to replace your truck or trailer tarps, thorough tarp maintenance pays dividends. 

If you are mindful of minor rips and tears and fix them before they deteriorate, you will be faced with relatively inexpensive repairs rather than a much more expensive replacement.

The secret is to act fast and prevent small tears from becoming big problems. 

This will also help to extend the life of your trailer and truck tarps.

Tarp Repair Solutions from Trison Tarps  

Trison Tarps specializes in inexpensive, highly effective tarp repair and maintenance solutions for our tarps and any other brand tarps you may be using. 

We offer failsafe solutions for tarps that are ripped and torn, including tarp tear repair kits that we supply with vinyl and the best quality vinyl cement. 

We have a choice of tarp repair vinyl colors including blue, white, red, and black, which is a bestseller. 

HH-66 is the vinyl cement we include in our kits because it’s the most effective waterproof PVC vinyl adhesive available, and it bonds in a single application. 

Additionally, we supply tarp repair rollers that are a great, inexpensive tool for eliminating air bubbles in hole patches and tarp seams. 

Our super-strong tarp repair tape is an excellent solution for fixing rips in a tarp and for tarp patching.

The convenient adhesive-backed repair tape from Trison Tarps is 6 inches wide and it comes on a 50-foot, easy-to-cut roll. 

You can also buy it by the foot if you wish!

It’s ideal for tarp hole repair, tarp seam repair, and any general tarp maintenance jobs that involve fixing rips in a tarp. 

Our repair tape is hands down the best solution for waterproof tarp repair because you don’t need any messy tarp glue or smoky heat guns that can be challenging to get your patches down well.

With our tarp tape repair solution, you will avoid the pitfalls of heat guns that get too hot and burn bigger holes or work too slowly, failing to seal the tarp hole patch properly and resulting in patches that just peel off.

Best Way to Repair a Tarp

When it comes to fixing rips in a tarp you can bring it to a trailer tarp specialist like Trison Tarps or go the DIY tarp repair route. 

It depends largely on the extent of damage to your tarp, though many of our customers prefer to leave heavy-duty tarp repair to us.

If you opt to come to Trison Tarps, we will evaluate the damage and give you a quote for the repair. 

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t buy your tarp from us, we’re equipped to repair the full range of trailer tarps. 

If the damage is too extensive and it’s going to cost a lot, we will provide you with a repair quote as well as a quotation to supply a new replacement tarp. 

You can decide which option will be best for your tarps as well as your ROI. 

How to Repair a Tarp Yourself

Whether you’re on the road, at your destination, or back at your facility, you can repair minor rips and tears yourself. 

The choice between tarp repair tape and vinyl and vinyl cement for repairing rips in tarps depends on the size and location of the rip, as well as personal preference.

Tarp Repair Tape

Our tarp tape repair option is an easy and convenient method of repair for small to medium-sized tears or minor puncture holes in tarps. 

The tape is made of a strong, waterproof material and it has an adhesive backing that allows it to stick firmly to the tarp surface. 

It is quick and easy to apply without any special tools or expertise. 

However, tarp repair tape may not be suitable for large or complex tears or damaged tarp edges.

Special care must be taken when using it as a tarp seam tape for repairs.

How to Repair a Tarp with Trison Tarps Tape

If you opt for DIY tarp repair using Trison Tarps’ highly recommended vinyl tarp repair tape, the process is super-simple.

Identify the area you need to repair, and measure and cut a piece of tape that is a little larger than the damaged area.

Before you apply the tape, clean the damaged area of the tarp with a clean cloth, dampened with a little rubbing alcohol, to remove any dirt, debris, or moisture.

Then peel the backing off the tape, position it over the rip or hole, and press it down firmly. 

Press into position, smoothing out any wrinkles in the tape with your fingers. 

Use a tarp repair roller to maximize adhesion and get rid of any air pockets.

Vinyl Repair Kit

A combination of vinyl and vinyl cement can provide a more permanent repair for larger rips or tears in tarps. 

Vinyl cement is an adhesive that is specifically designed for use with vinyl materials, including vinyl truck and trailer tarps.

Trison Tarps specifies HH-66 as the best vinyl cement for bonding patches of vinyl onto the tarp to cover the damaged area. 

This repair method can provide a more durable and long-lasting repair than our super-sticky tape, but it does require more time, effort, and skill to apply properly.

How to Repair a Tarp with a Trison Tarps Repair Kit

Start by cutting a piece of vinyl material from the kit that is slightly larger than the damaged area.

It’s best to cut the patch in an oval or circular shape because square corners tend to disconnect more easily. 

Clean the area of the tarp to be repaired with a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt, debris, or moisture.

Apply a thin layer of vinyl cement to the tarp and the back of the vinyl patch, spreading it evenly with a brush or spatula.

Wait up to 5 minutes for the cement to get tacky before positioning the vinyl patch over the damaged area.

Then, press down firmly, using a roller to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles.

Allow the vinyl cement to dry completely. 

If you want to, you can apply a second layer of vinyl cement around the edges of the patch to ensure an even stronger seal.

If you’re in a rush you can move the repaired tarp after 5-10 minutes, but ideally wait for about 8 hours before using it again. 

How Can We Help with Your Tarp Repair?

You can buy our tarp repair products online from Trison Tarps. But if you need further advice, or want us to do the repairs, please call us at 1-855-851-4700 or fill in a contact form. 

Alternatively, you are welcome to visit us at 3955 FM 137 in Paris, Texas to discuss your needs.