Timpte Trailer Tarps

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  • Side Roll Tarps

    38’11” x 123″ 22oz Tarp – For a 40′ x 96″ Timpte Trailer 2009 And Up

    PN: T035-61945-01
  • Side Roll Tarps

    49′ X 123″ 22oz Tarp For a 50′ X 96″ Timpte Trailer

    PN: 035-61953-01
  • Side Roll Tarps

    41′ 2″ X 123″ 22oz Tarp For Timpte Trailer Models 2009 And Up

    PN: T035-61947-01
  • Side Roll Tarps

    40’10” x 123″ 22oz Black Tarp For Timpte Trailer Through 2008

    PN: T035-61112-01
  • Shur-Co 1125680 Gustbuster Cord Kit – GT

    Shur-Co 1125680 Gustbuster Cord Kit for Grain Trailer (8′ to 9′) – 2 Cords

    PN: 1125680

Ready to go Tarp Replacements for Timpte Grain Trailers

If you’re looking for the best side roll tarp replacements for Timpte grain trailers, we have you covered!

Some of the upgrades you get when you purchase a Trison tarp:

No Sewing

This means there’s no stitching to wear or rip out, no webbing to fall off and get tangled aorund the pipe, and no mildew or product gathering on the stitching when it gets wet.

22 oz vinyl

The industry standard is 18oz vinyl – with a Trison tarp, you get a fabric that is 22% heavier than standard.

This means it lasts longer before wearing out, getting you more for your money; and, keeping you on the road!

Also, our 22 oz vinyl comes standard with a high gloss finish, meaning easy clean and great looks!


A Trison built grain trailer tarp replacement for a Timpte trailer comes with a 40oz reinforcement on the front and rear cap, and along the top edges of the trailer.

This means that with a Trison grain trailer replacement tarp for Timpte trailers you get a tarp that can last 2x longer than you’re used to with an 18oz tarp.

Bow Reinforcements

If you want the same type of reinforcement mentioned above put on your tarp where the bows are located, just send in the dimensions and we will add them at no extra charge!

Feel free to give us a call if that’s easier, and we can easily walk you through the way to measure the bow spacings.

Heat Sealed Tarp

Since we do not stitch our tarps, they are all heat sealed. This means each reinforcement, each pocket, etc. are all permanently bonded for a truly waterproof tarp that will look

These tarps are directly compatible with Thunder 6000 and Thunder 7000 tarp systems.

Quality Workmanship

These grain trailer tarps are manufactured by our professional staff in Northeast Texas; we ship nationwide. Many customers in Michigan, Indiana, & Illinois in particular love our tarps.

Sizes Available

There’s a few sizes common to Timpte grain trailers; please note that the dimensions labelled “long” and “wide” are the TARP sizes, not the trailer size. Tarp sizes are shorter and wider than the trailer.

Tarps come standard with a pocket for a 2″ roll pipe, and 1 1/8″ fixed pipe. If you have a larger roll pipe, just let us know and we can custom make a tarp with a larger roll pocket.

For trailers built in 2008 and older:

– 40’10” long x 123″ wide tarp

For trailers built from Jan 1, 2009 to today:

– 41’2″ long x 123″ wide tarp
– 38’11” long x 123″ wide tarp – for a 40′ x 96″ trailer

For 50′ trailer:

– 49′ long x 123″ wide tarp – for a 50′ x 96″ trailer

We have a variety of colors available; black is the most popular and longest lasting, but if you need a red, blue, white, or other color to match your brand, we can do that!

We don’t keep the colored tarps in stock at the moment, but give us 2-3 days lead time to make the tarp and we’ll get it done!