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Tarp Arms and Tarp Arm Corners

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Dump Truck Arms and Arm Corners

If you’re using a flip tarp system for your dump truck, and need a new arm or set of arms, we have several types in stock and ready to ship.

Tarp arms are also called Bow Tubes for Flip Tarp systems used in systems on dump trucks, and roll off bin trucks.

We have dump truck tarp system arm corners for several types of systems. These are usually cast aluminum corners and insert into the bow tubes, or tarp arms.

Roll Rite

Roll Rite bow tube or tarp arms:

We carry a Roll Rite 76870 Top Tube for bow arm, in stock and ready to ship.

If you’re looking for the tarp arms and top tube as well, we have a set below.

Roll Rite corner castings:

We have 90 degree tarp arm connectors available in stock and ready to ship; they are Roll Rite part # 76800.

These are used to connect the tarp bow to the side arm at a 90 degree angle, and come complete with fasteners and a wire rope tether.

Roll Rite Bow Tube Set:

This set is Roll Rite part #76720 and includes:

  • 76800 Aluminum Corner Casting – 90 Degree With Fasteners and Tether
  • 76810 Tarp Flange for Bow Tube (Pair)
  • 76870 Bow Tube. 103 1/2″ AL Wide Top Tube for Tarp Bow

Aero Easy Cover

The Aero Easy Cover is an economic and robust front-to-back tarp system for covering open top trailers.

Available in both electric and manual configurations, it is one of the easiest to use mesh tarp systems.

Aero Easy Cover Swing Arms and Top Tube Arms

We have Easy Cover arms in stock, in a variety of styles:

  • Steel rear cross arm
  • Aluminum
    • Tear Drop Style
    • Upper Swing Arm – straight
    • Upper Swing Arm – bent
    • Rear Cross Tube

Aero Easy Cover Corners and End Fittings

There are 3 main corner and end fittings available.

  • End Fitting Casting for round tube
  • Lower End Fitting Casting
  • 90 degree corner casting – fits tear drop style tarp arms