Who knew there was so many types of trucks? If you spend any time at all driving on busy interstates, you’ll quickly notice there are dozens of different types of trucks.

However, there are so many different types of trucks out there it can be confusing to define and understand the differences between all of the types, such as what they’re called, what they’re used for, their size, and what working conditions are like for their respective drivers. 

This article is dedicated to straight trucks! Here, we will discuss what a straight truck is, what it is used for, the many different types, sizes, and more!

So, if you are keen to learn all about straight trucks, then this is the article for you! Read on for more information. 

What Is A Straight Truck? 

Straight trucks are a type of trucks that have a fixed box – like a trailer, but attached to the truck, and not detachable.

This type of vehicle is popularly used by families who want to move home, but they are definitely used in commercial deliveries as well.

They help to transport furniture, refrigerators, boxes, washers, dryers, and other housing supplies.

Straight trucks typically look like U-Haul trucks. They tend to be smaller than semi-trucks, but larger than cargo vans.

Commercial trucking companies might use a straight truck if they have a dedicated run that doesn’t fill up a dry van trailer, or sometimes if the drop off point isn’t accessible by the usual large semi truck and trailer setup.

The door of a straight truck looks similar to a garage door, as it will slide from the bottom up. However, not every straight truck will look the same.

Some have detachable boxes that you can take from the back of the truck if you wish to, while some do not. Some straight trucks can carry up to 33,000 lbs, while some can carry more, and some a lot less. 

Some straight trucks have rolling tarp systems on them, like this unit we did recently at our Ontario plant:

Conestoga Rolling Tarp System for Straight Truck

This type of tarp system allows loading like a flatbed, while covering like a typical straight truck. This allows the operator to haul loads that would otherwise need to be tarped with lumber tarps or steel tarps.

The load would still need to be tied down inside the rolling tarp system with chains, chain binders, and/or winch straps, but the tarping part of the job would only take 3-5 minutes instead of an hour or more.

What Are Straight Trucks Used For?

Aside from moving vehicles, straight trucks can be used for many different things. They are often used by companies or businesses to deliver products to customers. 

What Are The Types Of Straight Trucks?

There are many different types of straight trucks! The basic rule to follow is that if your commercial vehicle is not a van, and it does not have a trailer attached by a hitch joint, then it is likely a straight truck! Let’s check out a few more examples of straight trucks! 

  • Box trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Cube trucks
  • Cube vans
  • U-Hauls
  • Certain dumpster trucks
  • Pickup trucks that have boxed areas and additional freight / weight that exceeds 10,0001 lbs.
  • Moving trucks

What’s The Difference Between A Straight Truck And A Tractor Truck?

Many people think that a straight truck is the same thing as a regular tractor truck, but this is the opposite of true! While straight trucks and tractor trucks are similar, they are two totally separate things. Let’s take a look at the key differences!

Tractor Trucks 

Tractor trucks are typically used to take trailers back and forth between destinations. You can also remove tractors from the back of them, and attach trailers there instead.

These trucks are usually very large, with a cab area that is bigger than most cars. They are commonly used for hauling heavy loads and pulling trailers. 

Straight Trucks  

On the other hand, straight trucks do not have trailers hooked to the back of them. Instead, the trailer cannot be moved or detached. Straight trucks will have a cube, or container, attached to their frame. 

What Are The Capacities And Dimensions Of A Straight Truck?

There is no one-size-fits-all policy for straight trucks. They can come in many different shapes and sizes. 

Most of the time, straight trucks will sit between Classes 3-6 and can carry weights of an average of 10,000-26,000 lbs. Although, there are many straight trucks that are able to carry much more. 

Most straight trucks will be 10-26 ft long from one end to the other, and most will stand at around 8-10 ft tall. 

What’s So Great About A Straight Truck?

Many people who drive straight trucks love their profession. Let’s check out some examples of why this could be! 

1. Licenses 

On average, straight truck drivers are not required to obtain a CDL driver’s license. This is because these trucks do not exceed the weight limit that would necessitate a CDL driver’s license – 26,001 lbs. 

2. Work / Life Balance 

Most straight truck drivers state that they have a great work / life balance. They note that they get to go home at the end of every day and spend time with their families. 

3. Benefits 

Straight truck drivers will often get great benefits, such as hourly pay because their field of work is considered to be important to society. Other benefits include:

  • Life insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Bonuses
  • 401k plans

4. Work Environment 

Many straight truck drivers think that their work environment is a positive and productive one. This is because they generally see the same clients and customers weekly, depending on the service.

They also get to interact with customers, which makes the job feel less isolated and less lonely, which can boost work productivity. 

5. Can be Eligible for Amazon Relay

If you are looking for additional loads to help fill your straight truck, it could be worth looking into Amazon Relay; this is basically a load board, but run by Amazon for Amazon shipments.

How Much Do Straight Truck Drivers Earn Annually?

Per year, a straight truck driver can earn on average around $30,000. The minimum annual salary a straight truck driver would get is $22,000, and the highest annual salary a straight truck driver typically makes is $50,000.

However, this salary usually only comes after years of experience, once the trucker has proven to work hard and has excellent credibility. 

Final Thoughts 

Straight trucks are trucks with fixed trailers that are primarily used for transporting heavy household items from one home to another, such as refrigerators, dryers, and washers.

They can also be used for delivering products to customers. Many different types of vehicles are considered to be straight trucks, including dumpster trucks, certain pick-up trucks, cube trucks, and U-Hauls. 

Those who drive straight trucks express enjoyment in their role, thanks to the great benefits, work – life balance, and the lack of need for a CDL driver’s license to get the role. 

We hope this article told you everything you needed to know about what straight trucks are, and more!