There has always been a tradition to name moving vehicles, including planes and boats. But even semi-trucks deserve this tradition. If you are looking for unique names for your own semi-truck or just want to learn more about the tradition, we’ve got you covered.

Semi-truck names: Naming your semi-truck is an important tradition. You’re in your truck a lot, so why not choose a name that you can be proud of? Your semi-truck’s name can be based on a favorite movie or character, a play on the truck’s color, or even an homage to the weather or planets. Before choosing a name, pause to think about what you want to convey to other drivers that see your semi-truck. Then, paint it on your driver’s door and if you want, add embellishments like flames or pictures to give your truck as much personality as you have.

Where to put your truck name?

Even though you know the name of your semi-truck, this might not be enough. Having a name you are proud of means you want others to know just how cool that name is.

Many truck drivers decide to paint the name of their truck right on the truck’s door. This should be on the driver’s side so that people can see the name, the truck, and the driver all at the same time.

The next step to consider is the look of the printed name. This is usually tied to the type of name you choose.

For example, if you have a more feminine name for your truck, then you may want to choose a handwriting scroll. However, if you have a masculine name, block letters may be more suitable.

Finally, you can choose embellishments. For example, flames are a classic, as are flowers and logos, such as a miniature truck.  

30 Truck Names

Truck Names

Classic Names

We’ll start our list with some classic names. These are iconic for a reason and hold a lot of history with them.

Betty – Perhaps one of the most iconic truck names, Betty, Big Betty, or Black Betty all denote a sturdy, reliable figure. If you have been driving for a while or know that you are in for the long haul, this is a good name to have on your truck.

Charlie – The name Charlie is classic and so it is perfect for a classic vehicle like the semi-truck. This name shows a mixture of strength, studiousness, and classicism.

Chief – Are you the main guy on the road? If so, you want a name that shows how in control and assertive you are, which is all wrapped up in the name Chief.

Monster – To little kids, semi-trucks can be cool but intimidating. Those that like to live on the edge may want to name their truck Monster, and how cool would it be to pair the name with a wild design?

Silver – Obviously, your truck should be a silver color for this name to stick. However, it can also be a reflection of your own experience and if you have silver hair, or just a lot of wisdom, this name can also work.

Movie Names

Perhaps you love a certain movie or character and feel it will properly represent your semi-truck. Here are a few ideas to lend you inspiration.

Black Panther – Chadwick Boseman brought this superhero to the big screen in a striking manner. This is a great name for a black truck as it denotes power and strength.

Dark Knight – Another name that is perfect for a black or dark-colored truck, Dark Knight shows that you have speed and stamina. You protect the people that need saving but are cool while doing so.

Furiosa – Anyone who has seen Mad Max – Fury Road will understand how badass the female lead is. Charlize Theron proves that strong heroes can be both male and female.

Maverick – Tom Cruise is able to consistently star in action movies that will leave you inspired. If you are a fan of the Top Gun movies and liken driving to flying, then this nickname is perfect for your truck.

Optimus Prime – Both young and old love the Transformers franchise and Optimus Prime is the semi-truck that you want to have protecting you. Bonus points if your truck is painted red and blue.

Red Truck Names

If you are starting out with a red truck, or want to paint it a bold shade, these names go well with the color.

Candy Crush – Since the explosion of this phone game, Candy Crush has been a popular name for objects. It’s a fun, bright name and pairs well if your truck has a pink-red hue.

Cherry Bomb – This classic name is perfect if you have a semi-truck painted bright cherry red. Add a small cherry logo next to the name to really enhance the look.

Ladybug – A more whimsical idea, Ladybug can work for both male and female drivers. Ladybugs are purposeful and unique, which is a great combination.

Red Dawn – Truck drivers are on the road all hours of the day, so why not recognize this? Naming your semi-truck Red Dawn shows that you can drive through all manner of weather.

Red Riding Hood – Another classic, naming your semi-truck Red Riding Hood means you are no fool. You may be trusting but even you can spot a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Black Truck Names

Black is an iconic color for semi-trucks and one of the most popular. Here are a few suggestions for your domineering truck.

Black Mamba – Named after a deadly snake, this name shows that you are speedy and stealthy. You can slither through the night but underneath your danger is a natural beauty.

Black Magic – Those that love magic will love this name. It signifies that there are two sides to every story and that sometimes you have to break some rules.

Black Pearl – Found in nature, black pearls are very rare. Naming your semi-trick in this way shows that you may be natural but you are completely unique.

Grease – Whether you loved the movie or just want to acknowledge that driving a semi-truck can be a dirty job, Grease is a great name. It is simple but classic.

Black Jack – If you are a fan of card games, this is a great name. Add a picture of a winning hand to really enhance the name.

Girl Truck Names

There’s a tradition of naming vehicles after women, so this might be a good place to start. Whether you are a male or female truck driver, you can choose the gender of what you drive.

Bonnie – One half of an infamous criminal couple, this is a popular name for a reason. Naming your semi-truck Bonnie means you want action in your life and aren’t afraid to get dirty.

Buffy – The 1990s brought to TV one of the most iconic shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If your truck is named after the titular hero, it shows you aren’t afraid of the dark and will always fight good over evil.

Sweet Caroline – This is a popular name for many reasons. If you live in the Carolinas, it’s a good homage, and if you love the Niel Diamond song, even better.

Angel – Perhaps a bit sweet for some, it is still a popular name. It’s even better if the driver in the semi-truck is seen sporting a massive beard and hasn’t bathed in a few days.

Fat Amy – Made popular by the movie Pitch Perfect, this is a fun name for a semi-truck. It shows you don’t take yourself seriously and instead of being embarrassed by your flaws, choose to embrace them instead.

Otherworldly Names

When looking for inspiration to name your semi-truck, there really is no limit. Perhaps you want to look to the skies for ideas.

Zephyr – This name means the west wind and is perfect for your semi-truck. Driving all over the country, often at the speed of the wind, your truck deserves an inspirational name.

Galaxy – What better way to show that you are more than just the earth than with a name like Galaxy? A swirl of colors will demonstrate that your semi-truck is not bound to the earthly plains.

Mystique – Who are we to have all the answers to the universe? Driving a semi-truck takes determination, strength, and perseverance, which are all summed up in this name.

Helios – Perhaps you have a semi-truck that is painted gold and needs a spectacular name. Meaning Sun God, Helios is perfect if you regularly drive your semi-truck through the hot deserts of the United States.

Thunderbird – Another word for Phoenix, which is also a great name for a truck, Thunderbird means that you fly with the speed of thunder. This is a great name for a semi-truck that rumbles on without stopping on its journey.


You spent a lot of time in your semi-truck so it makes sense to name it as a reflection of both your truck and your own personality. You can name your truck based on its color, a favorite movie, or a personality trait you aspire to. There is no wrong way to name a semi-truck, so start brainstorming until you find the perfect name.