Ice Roads are literally roads made of ice. These roads are built by humans who create the roads using snow machines or tractors. Ice roads are used when there is too much snow for cars to travel on.

Ice roads are usually well-maintained because they need to be kept clear for the trucks to get through. Ice road trucks usually carry heavy loads such as oil, coal, and goods.

Most ice roads are located in Canada and Alaska where it’s cold enough for the ice to form.

Ice road trucking is one of the most dangerous jobs out there, but it pays well if you can handle the risks.

Many truckers quit their jobs after their first trip, which means that there’s an average of 70 percent turnover among ice road drivers.

In this article, we will present a typical ice road trucker salary, as well as shine a light on the career as a whole so you’ll know whether it’s the right job for you. 

What Is Ice Road Trucking?

Ice road truckers are drivers who work mainly in the winter. In the winter, there are lots of frozen lakes and ponds. Roads are made on these frozen lakes for trucks to bring goods into remote locations in Canada and Alaska.

Many towns and cities will rush in supplies when the weather is cold enough, and this needs highly experienced drivers and a salary to match.

How Much Do Ice Road Truckers Make?

Ice road truckers can make between $30,000 and $40,000 quarterly. This makes ice road truckers some of the best-paid drivers in the country. Most ice road truckers work for one company, but some ice road truckers work independently.

Some ice road truckers are hired by mining companies. Others are hired by freight brokers or transportation firms.

Ice road trucking is a dangerous job because of the cold weather and harsh conditions. Ice road trucking is a seasonal job that can be very lucrative if you’re qualified.

Money is a major factor in staying in this line of work. Many people who do this job will be spending time away from loved ones, which makes it hard to stay motivated.

What Is An Ice Road Trucker’s Average Pay Per Run?

An ice road trucker’s average pay is around $2000 per round trip run. Single runs take 20 hours of continuous driving time, during which the truck driver is unable to stop or even rest.

Ice conditions cause delays and slow down your journey. You can’t stop when you reach a point because there is too much ice.

Why Is Ice Road Trucking So Dangerous?

Trucking companies hire people who can endure cold weather because there is often danger on the roads. Drivers must handle extreme weather and mechanical problems. Hypothermia is a big risk to them.

Ice roads are dangerous because they are made of solid ice. Truck drivers must always be on the go or else they’ll fall through the ice.

There are many different types of trucks used to make ice roads. Some of them are larger than others, but they all need to be kept moving.

Ice road truckers head into the regions where others won’t go. Snowstorms, ice-covered highways, and freezing temperatures make driving more dangerous.

Ice road trucks are used to transport goods over frozen lakes and rivers. Drivers must be careful when stopping or the ice could collapse under them.

When Is The Ice Road Trucking Season?

Ice road trucking in Canada and Alaska lasts only two months each year. Truck drivers must sign up with different companies throughout the winter. The longer the trucks stay in the north, the better their pay.

Why Are Ice Road Truckers Paid More?

Ice road trucks cost a lot of money and require a lot of maintenance. To make sure drivers aren’t frozen solid, they need to wear warm clothing, carry blankets and use heated seats. Truck engines need to be kept running to prevent them from seizing up.

Ice road truck driving is a tough job, but you can make money if you’re willing to take risks. Fuel changes and filter replacements can be dangerous.

Ice Road Trucker Salary

You need to be careful when driving over frozen lakes and rivers, and your truck needs to be well maintained. Most people aren’t going to want to do this job more than once.

Ice road truckers are usually isolated because of the lack of cell phone reception. Drivers are usually traveling at low speeds, which makes for long days.

What Are The Educational Requirements For Ice Road Trucking?

Ice road truckers need a high school degree or equivalent. They also take professional truck driving courses. Companies train them to drive on icy roads.

Drivers must pass a CDL exam and a written test. Other important qualities include good eyesight, hearing, physical health, dexterity, and a desire to work in cold weather.

Trucking companies pay truckers based on the number of miles they drive. Truckers who drive longer routes get higher pay. Hazard levels also affect pay, and most ice road truckers are required to work in dangerous conditions.

Is Experience Necessary To Get An Ice Road Trucker Job?

Ice road trucking jobs aren’t as readily available as your traditional over-the-road trucks. You won’t find these opportunities through conventional trucking companies, like Western Express.

You’ll need to travel to Canada/Alaska to find these opportunities, which are scarce. Why? Because you’ll be paid so much money! 

Drivers need lots of experience before they can start earning big money. And even though drivers can’t predict exactly when accidents happen, they can prepare themselves for them by learning how to drive safely on icy roads.

What Are Some Other High-Paying Driving Jobs?

While ice road trucking is one of the most lucrative driving jobs you can do, there are other truck jobs that are just as lucrative, if not more, and you’re about to find out what they are. 

Hazmat Hauling

Hazmat hauling is another dangerous job that pays well. Drivers must be careful when carrying hazardous materials because they may explode if exposed to air.

To become certified, drivers must pass a test. Companies will pay for drivers who need to get the certification.

Tanker Hauling

Tanker drivers who haul hazardous materials make about $60,000 a year on average. Drivers who haul non-hazardous fluids make about $30,000 a year.

Oversized Load Hauling

Oversized load drivers make big money. Truck driving is hard work, but you can be a successful overweight driver if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Luxury Car Hauling

Luxury car drivers make $100,000 per year. Drivers hauling these vehicles must be skilled and experienced. These trucks are expensive, so companies won’t hire people without a proven record of safe driving.

Team Driving

Team driving jobs are widely available and offer competitive pay, however, they may not be ideal for every driver. Long stretches away from home may not be appealing for some people.

If you don’t get along with your partner, it could be an overly stressful job.

Team drivers make more money than solo drivers. Solo drivers can earn up to $50,000 per year while team drivers can earn up to over $100,000 per year.

Owner-Operator Jobs

Truck driving is a tough job, especially if you’re trying to save money by operating your own vehicle. You’ll need to invest lots of time and effort into maintaining your rig, and you won’t get paid until you deliver your load.

Even then, you might not be making much money. Owner-operators make more money than employees. This allows them to handle all the expenses involved with running a business.

Mining Industry Trucking

Truck jobs in the mining industry are considered dangerous because sudden movements or bumps could cause a collapse. These jobs pay well, but they’re usually lower than ice road trucker jobs.


As you can see, ice road trucking isn’t the ideal job for everyone. The inherent risks coupled with the long and lonely drives make for some of the most sketchy working conditions in the world.

Luckily, there are some men and women brave enough to take on the challenge and get rewarded accordingly. 

We hope this article was a useful tool in helping you to realize your dream of becoming an ice road trucker.

Or, on the flip side, it has helped you to understand that ice road trucking maybe isn’t your dream job after all.

Even if ice road trucking isn’t your perfect fit, there are plenty of other lucrative trucking jobs available across America hopefully with your name on them.