Choosing a job means understanding all the factors and while we try to focus on aspirations, a job’s salary is an important piece of information. If you’re interested in becoming a truck dispatcher, we’ll let you know exactly what the salary expectations are.

How much does a truck dispatcher make: A truck dispatcher is a solid job that does not need a lot of schooling or previous experience. A truck dispatcher makes between $24,000 and $52,000 in the United States. Factors that determine this salary include location, the regional cost of living, and previous experience. There is some opportunity to make more money as you gain more experience but many truck dispatchers decide to pursue different opportunities if they want to increase their salary substantially.

What is a truck dispatcher?

A truck dispatcher works behind the scenes to ensure cargo moves efficiently. They schedule the pickup and delivery of freight so that everything runs on time. They may also dispatch trucks for emergencies and automotive issues.

Other duties of a truck dispatcher include scheduling truck drivers, arranging pickup details with customers, and planning routes for truck drivers.

Finally, a truck dispatcher is also responsible for reviewing the logs that truck drivers are required to complete.

How much do truck dispatchers earn in the USA?

The average salary for a truck dispatcher in America is about $35,000. This can vary, however, and the total range is between $24,000 and $52,000.

There are many factors to determine what salary you can expect. Education, experience, and job performance are the top factors.

Like most jobs, you will earn less when you start but there is some room to increase your salary. However, if you want a larger salary than the norm, you will need to either take on more duties or move around in the industry.

Other factors to consider when looking at the salary of any job include health care and pension contributions. These will vary greatly for different trucking companies.

However, it may be beneficial to work for a company that offers a slightly lower overall salary but has a decent benefits package as this can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Where do dispatchers make the most money?

The state with the highest annual salary for a truck dispatcher is Alaska. As a more remote state, there is more demand to have goods delivered to rural areas.

Furthermore, the cost of living in Alaska is higher than in other more central parts of the United States. As a result, the salaries that companies pay need to reflect the higher price of basic needs.

Can I work from home as a truck dispatcher?

Can I work from home as a truck dispatcher

A few years ago, almost all jobs were located in a workplace but now there are more and more jobs where you can work from home. There are now more opportunities to work from home if you are a truck dispatcher.

You will need a decent computer, a newer phone, and reliable internet. Many companies will either provide you with these necessities or offset your costs.

As a truck dispatcher, you mainly take incoming calls and then enter them in a database or assign the duties right away. All of these tasks can be done remotely.

While most companies still have in-office setups, some job postings may say that remote working is an option. And, if this is not posted, you can always enquire.

What kind of dispatcher makes the most money?

There are different kinds of truck dispatchers, and while most make around the same salary, some are paid more. Again, this will vary by location and experience.

Service Dispatcher

A service dispatcher entails taking customer calls and you can work in a number of fields, including emergency services and automotive companies.

As a service dispatcher, you need to be highly organized and keep records of incoming calls and the subsequent services. Keeping calm is also an asset as you may have someone in an emergency who needs help.

The average salary of a service dispatcher is between $32,000 and $43,000.

Lead Dispatcher

As a lead dispatcher, you usually work with a team and assume more leadership duties. While you may still take regular calls, you are more focused on ensuring your team is working efficiently and accurately.

The average salary of a lead dispatcher is between $35,000 and $48,000.

What education do you need to be a truck dispatcher?

One of the reasons a truck dispatcher is such a popular job is that it doesn’t require any formal schooling. Having a diploma or a bachelor’s degree can set you apart from the competition applying for the job, but it is not usually a prerequisite for the job itself.

Instead, your employer will look for experience in the logistics industry as well as if you are an organized person. Customer service experience is also an asset as you will need to communicate with truck drivers on a daily basis.

Finally, understanding the dispatch system is a bonus but not a requirement. Most companies are more than willing to train new employees in their duties, which will include all the particularities of truck dispatching.

How much do truck dispatchers make in Texas?

Truck dispatchers in Texas make less than the average, with a common salary being around $33,000. This is mainly having to do with how Texas sets up its tax system.

In Texas, there is no state income tax, which means salaries reflect this. So, even if you make less than in other states, your salary ends up being relatively similar, as you don’t have to worry about part of your income going to pay taxes.

The cost of living is also relatively affordable in Texas. While it varies by city and region, most homes are affordable and even goods and services do not cost a fortune.


Being a truck dispatcher is a good job to consider. It often doesn’t require any education but you should have experience with logistics and customer service. The more technical parts of the job will be included in your training.