When it comes time to move, having moving blankets can protect your furniture from damage. But what do you do with the blankets after you use them? Washing them will keep them clean and ready for your next move.

Can you wash moving blankets: Moving blankets can always be washed by some method, whether it is in a home washing machine, an industrial machine, by hand, or by dry cleaning. Washing will get rid of any accidental spills and stains and also keep the blankets smelling fresh. Be sure to dry the blankets well as if there is any moisture left, the blankets can start to smell and even grow mold.

Can moving blankets be washed safely?

Yes, moving blankets can be washed. In fact, if you intend to reuse them, you will want to wash them after you use them to keep them clean for future use.

Due to the weight of wet moving blankets though, and the possibility that your washer and/or dryer could get damaged, there’s a good argument to be made to simply donate used moving blankets, gift them to a friend who has a move in their near future, or otherwise get rid of them.

If you are buying moving blankets for the first time, always read the fine print. While some blankets can be machine-washed, others need to be hand-washed.

If you are confident your washer and/or dryer can handle the weight, here’s a good way to wash moving blankets for reuse.

How to wash moving blankets

How to wash moving blankets


To make the cleaning process easier, start by vacuuming your blankets before you wash them. This will remove any dirt or debris.

Check if it can be machine washed

While most modern moving blankets can be machine washed, be sure to double-check. If they can’t be, then you will have to wash the blankets by hand.

Colorfastness test

Even if your moving blanket can be machine washed, it’s still a good idea to test it out. Run a small part of the blanket under hot water. If the water changes color, it means your blanket’s colors will run so you need to find a different option.

In this case, it’s better to be safe and take your moving blankets to a commercial dry cleaner.

Apply stain remover

If your moving blankets have stains, especially from grease, apply a pretreatment. These are readily available at most grocery stores or home improvement stores.

Adjust the settings

Only use cold water to wash your moving blankets as this will better preserve the fabric. Also, use a small amount of detergent as the soap can build up in the fabric.

Can moving blankets go in the dryer?

Moving blankets definitely need to be dried but not all can go in the dryer. While it might be more convenient, a dryer can cause damage over time as the blankets might start to fray with the extra movement and heat.

If you can, hang your moving blankets to dry in a warm, dry place. A backyard or driveway is ideal, as long as there is no rain in the forecast.

Let them dry all day long and check to see if all moisture is gone. This can take a few days, so you may need to be patient.

Is it safe to wash moving blankets in the washing machine?

To know whether you can wash your moving blankets in a washing machine, first check the package. This is a common question so it should be pretty obvious on the label.

If you can’t find the information on the packaging, then look at the manufacturer’s website or contact them before you proceed.

The one thing to be aware of is that your home’s washing machine very well could be too small for moving blankets. These items can be quite large and bulky and they won’t get even clean in a standard washing machine.

Furthermore, all the spinning to get rid of excess moisture can cause your washing machine to go off balance. As a result, you may have to repair your machine.

Finally, if you are using a home washing machine, you will have to run many loads to clean all the blankets, which can take a lot of work and resources.

The better option is to take your moving blankets to a commercial facility. They will have large, industrial-size machines that can tackle all your blankets at the same time.

What’s also great is that your moving blankets can fit into their large-sized dryers. Then you can have clean and dry moving blankets that won’t attract mold from excess moisture.

What is a moving blanket?

What is a moving blanket

Moving is a complicated, tiring process and when you think about everything that can go wrong, it can create even more anxiety. Everything you own needs to be moved securely, including large pieces of furniture that can either be expensive or sentimental.

A moving blanket is a large piece of durable fabric. It is often made out of a blend of polyester and cotton.

A moving blanket has a very important function. Its job is to protect the furniture you own as you move.

The key to moving is being able to pack a moving van or truck in the most compact way. This not only saves from having to rent a larger truck but the more compact your items are stowed, the less chance there is of them bumping and scraping into each other.

However, when furniture items are close together, there can still be plenty of opportunities for scratches. Draping a moving blanket over a piece of furniture gives it the needed protection so it won’t scrape as the moving truck moves over bumpy roads.

Where do I get moving blankets?

If you hire professional movers, they will have their own supply of moving blankets. The movers will place the blankets over any furniture and then tie those blankets down so they don’t slip around.

As professional movers, they will have plenty of experience to know which items need extra protection and how to ensure sharp corners are padded.

Those that are moving on their own should stock up on moving blankets ahead of the big day. You don’t want to be in the middle of packing only to realize your furniture won’t be properly stored.

You can either purchase moving blankets online or go to a home improvement store where there should be a decent selection. You can also look online to see if anyone is selling gently used moving blankets as most people only need these items every few years.

Can I use towels as moving blankets?

Because you don’t often move, you may want to cut corners and not have to buy brand-new moving blankets. As a result, many people use towels instead.

If you have small pieces of furniture that don’t have sharp corners, towels may be okay. However, moving blankets will be far superior. They are thicker and sturdier so will be better able to protect all your valuables.

Furthermore, regular towels can accidentally become ripped or damaged in the process. Then you will have to replace these towels, which can lead you to spending more money anyway.

Buying actual moving blankets is the more money-wise action and you may be able to sell your used blankets after you no longer need them, to offset the original cost.

Why do moving blankets smell?

There are many reasons why moving blankets may smell. There are usually two categories for these reasons, including short-term use and long-term use.

Short-term use

The most common use for moving blankets is to protect wooden furniture such as tables and chairs. These have sharp edges that can scratch other pieces of furniture and also be scratched.

Wooden furniture has a slight natural smell to it but the more aggressive smells can come from the home itself.

Smoke is the number one reason why your moving blankets may smell. If someone smokes inside the home, the furniture can absorb this smell, which the blankets then take up.

If you are worried about your moving blankets taking on an extra smell, you can try to avoid this by first wrapping your items in plastic wrap. This can easily be found in any home improvement store and won’t take too much extra time to do.

Then, you can drape the moving blankets over the plastic, which will create a buffer for the smell.

Long-term use

If you’ve been using your moving blankets for a long time and you notice an odor, this is usually a sign that some form of mold is in the blankets. While not an immediate cause for concern, it is something that needs to be fixed.

Moving blankets can be exposed to a lot of moisture. Whether it’s from moving in the rain or not properly drying your blankets after washing them, any time there is moisture in fabric, mold can develop.

If your moving blankets have a musty smell to them, you should take them to a commercial cleaning company. There they will be able to fit inside the large mashing machines and dryers.

After this, be sure to always dry your moving blankets thoroughly before packing them away. Hang them up in a warm, dry place for a few days so all the moisture is removed.


Moving blankets are incredibly important as they protect your furniture. While most blankets can be machine washed, always check the label as you may need to wash them by hand or even take them to a dry cleaner. At this point, it may be cheaper to simply purchase more!