There should be no surprise that semi-trucks are expensive. After all, they are large and powerful. But just how much do they cost and which are the most expensive models that are currently on the market?

Most expensive semi-truck: The most expensive semi-truck ever built was the Mack Super-Liner. It was purchased by the Sultan of Malaysia, who paid over $1,000,000. As for regular semi-trucks for the average driver, the most expensive is the Mercedes-Benz Actros, which retails at $190,000. Premium semi-trucks have high sticker costs thanks to their powerful, well-designed engines, their superior craftsmanship, and their spacious and comfortable interiors.

10 Most Expensive Semi-Trucks in the World

Most Expensive Semi-Trucks in the World

The following is a list of the most expensive semi-trucks. These are all available in the United States and any truck driver can purchase them, as long as they are within their budget.

Mercedes-Benz Actros

Price: $190,000


Mercedes-Benz is well-known for its luxury cars so it makes sense that they are also able to create luxury semi-trucks. The Actros is the epitome of class, both inside and outside of this vehicle.

Inside you can find a comfortable interior that will allow any weary driver to rest. It is spacious and there is plenty of room to organize your belongings.  

The exterior has a sleek, sophisticated look to it. You can be the envy of other drivers when out on the road. It has even won an award for being so aerodynamic.

As for what makes the truck run, the Actros features a 625 HP engine that has a very high fuel economy. As gas prices continue to rise, the savings through the engine might actually compensate for the higher price of the truck.

Kenworth W900

Price: $180,000


With an exterior design that features a long nose, the Kenworth W900 embodies the hardworking mentality of truck drivers. It has a powerful exterior but inside is all comfort.

You will find a wonderfully spacious cab where long-haul truck drivers can spread out and recuperate before driving again. You’ll find a comfortable bed, a TV, and even a refrigerator.

The engine of the W900 is 635 HP, which gives it plenty of power and strength. While it is expensive, it is ideal for anyone traversing long hours.

Volvo FH16

Price: $170,000


What makes this semi-truck really stand out is the engine. At 750HP, it is one of the most powerful on our list.

The Volvo FH16 is built for any sort of terrain. Whether it is the deep cold of the tundra or the bumpy side roads, this truck can traverse anywhere you go.

Inside, you are spared the bumps and vibrations thanks to the longer wheelbase. The interior features a comfortable bed and resting space.

This semi-truck is great for all drivers but those who are on the road for weeks on end will especially benefit from it.  

Scania R730

Price: $160,000


While this semi-truck is impressive both inside and out, it is the engine that really makes it shine. With a 730 HP engine and 2,8000 pound-feet of torque, there is almost nothing this truck can’t handle. The transmission is manual, with 12 speeds.

You can get the Scania R720 in a three-trailer combination that uses 20 wheels to move its cargo. This is a nice option for drivers to have.

Mack Titan

Price: $160,000


There are few trucks more synonymous with the industry than the Mack Titan. This latest iteration is truly spectacular.

The Mack Titan is perfect for long-distance and extreme hauling. In fact, it can actually handle 300,000 pounds, even though this is far and beyond the legal limit.

Inside you will find a spacious and comfortable interior. There are all the basics plus quite a few extras such as a refrigerator, TV, and storage area.

As for the engine, it boasts 605 HP with an 18-gear transmission. Even though there is a lot of power running through the engine, it is designed in such a way that the noise and vibrations won’t overwhelm you.

International Lonestar

Price: $155,000


What instantly makes this semi-truck stand out is the massive grill on the front. It is an homage to old Cadillac cars.

Along with the grill, you will find this truck to be very aerodynamic. The truck won’t move around or vibrate, which adds to the comfort level of driving.

The Lonestar features a 600 HP engine that is well-built and smooth. As for the inside, you can find opulent leather and a spacious feeling.

Volvo VNL 780

Price: $150,000


Fuel economy is the top priority for this semi-truck. It comes in three engine options, including 405 HP, 500 HP, and 600 HP.

The Volvo VNL 780 also features incredible interior comfort. In the back are seats that can transform into beds, which gives you more options.

In addition, there is lots of storage space. Any driver who spends extra time in their truck will appreciate how organized you can keep your area.

New Freightliner Cascadia

Price: $145,000


This all-around semi-truck receives a lot of praise from its drivers and for good reason. Everything is solidly built, from the engine to the interior.

There are many engine types you can choose from for this model, ranging from 305 to 600 HP. Accessing the engine is also quite simple as you can open the chest of the truck vertically.

Inside, you will find all the amenities you need, including a bed, TV, and storage space. The cabin is very large and you can keep your belongings nice and organized.

Man TGX D38

Price: $100,000


Even though the Man TGX D38 is priced lower than other options on our list, it is still a behemoth of quality and expertise. It is a popular choice among many truck drivers.

The Man TGX D38 has a powerful 640 HP engine that offers a seamless, comfortable drive. It is not too loud and there have been minimal mechanical issues with it.

You can safely drive this semi-truck over just about any terrain thanks to its superior suspension system.

Finally, inside you will find plenty of space and comfort. In fact, the interior is one of the most spacious you will find. It includes a hint of luxury thanks to its organized setup.

Volvo FH16 Classic

Price: $100,000


Everything about the Volvo FH16 Classic is impressive. It is a different edition than the one mentioned at the top of our list, and as you can see, has a more affordable price to it.

While this truck can be found on the roads of America, it is one of the top sellers in Europe. This is thanks to its 650 HP engine and superior load capacity.

Other features include a driver assistance mode and a smooth drive, even over rough terrain.

If you want to experience a sophisticated, luxurious semi-truck but are hindered slightly by your budget, this is a good option to consider.

Which truck is the most expensive?

Even though the semi-trucks on our list are considered expensive, there is one that tops them all. The Mack Super-Liner was custom-built for the Sultan of Malaysia, Ibrahim Ismail of Johor.

This truck cost between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000. The purchase was private, so we can only speculate on the actual cost and what kind of opulence that amount of money will pay for.

Which semi-truck brand is the most expensive?

Even though the Mack truck brand created the most expensive semi-truck, this was a custom build and is not typical of what the average truck driver can expect.

Instead, you can see that Mercedes-Benz has a truck on our list that is the most expensive for truck drivers.

Purchasing a new semi-truck involves looking at a number of factors. While you may want the best and brightest truck, your budget will be the ultimate deciding factor.

Furthermore, knowing the kind of driving you do will also determine what kind of semi-truck you should purchase. How long you are on the road for and what kind of terrain you most often encounter will help you narrow down your search.

Is Kenworth more expensive than Peterbilt?

Both Kenworth and Peterbilt are premium truck brands. They are known for their quality, both with regard to the engine and the interior.

Overall, Kenworth has a slight edge over Peterbilt. Their semi-trucks are more expensive but this is reflected in their better performance.

Still, Peterbilt is a quality brand and you can find options that are nearly as good as Kenworth.

What is the most powerful semi-truck?

All of the trucks on our list are powerful and have engines that produce more than 600 HP. Still, the most powerful semi-truck is the Volvo FH16.

With an engine that has 700 HP, this is a beast of a truck. If you want this truck but aren’t ready for that kind of power, there other versions that offer engines with 540 and 600 HP.


Semi-trucks are expensive. While the average cost is around $120,000 to $150,000, you can find trucks that cost upwards of $190,000. These trucks have incredibly powerful engines and luxurious interiors.