Ready to pick up an extra trucking shift but aren’t sure where to go? A load board is like an online marketplace where truckers can connect with shippers and freight brokers.

If you have a flatbed truck, here are the best load boards to consider.

Best load boards for flatbed: There are many load boards for flatbed truckers that will allow you to see daily job postings. You can then search to find jobs specifically for flatbed trucks. A load board will tell you the pay rate as well as the company’s history. Some of the best load boards for truckers include DirectFreight, 123Loadboard, and TruckStop.

Some of these load boards will also specify loads that do or do not need Lumber Tarps or Steel Tarps.

5 Best Load Boards for Flatbed

5 Best Load Boards for Flatbed


This load board is extremely easy to use, so even if you are new to the concept of load boards, it won’t take you very long to figure it out.

The site is divided into sections that allow for easier navigation.

One important aspect of picking up a job as a flatbed driver is knowing the company is reputable.

Through DirectFreight, you can see the insurance information, credit scores, and the authority of the broker you will be working with.

Through the site, you can also upload documents, view multiple load bookings, and organize when your payments will go through.

The only thing to be aware of is that you do need to pay a monthly fee with Direct Freight.

However, if you regularly use a load board for extra shifts, this fee will pay for itself in no time.


With TruckStop, you have access to a large number of registered brokers.

You can connect with shippers and carriers and all the information is easy to navigate.

Just be careful as TruckStop has a tiered membership program.

This means that you can pay a minimal monthly fee to get access to the load board but if you want access to more premium features, you will need to pay more each month.

However, the cost is usually quite negligible – if you get 1 load per month extra, it easily covers the monthly fee.

And, if you sign up through this link, you’ll receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card when you book your first load – your first month, basically free!


An innovative load board, DAT has thousands of new listings every day.

This is a convenient way to find a new job that will suit your requirements.

DAT is easy to understand and there are plenty of filters and search options to narrow down your search.

You won’t have to spend hours scrolling through the various job opportunities.

A nice aspect of DAT is that it clearly shows how much money each job pays.

This way you won’t get into a situation where you are working for less than you expected or will have to go through that awkward negotiation phase.


Want to ensure you aren’t missing out on any trucking opportunities?

123Loadboard posts over 50,000,000 jobs every year, meaning you can definitely find a job that works with your schedule.

Like other load boards, you do have to pay a monthly fee for the features.

However, you can start with a 10-day free trial period, which will allow you to decide if this load board is what you are looking for.

If you do sign up for the membership, you will also get access to a free app, which will allow you to access the board at any time.

Other features include comprehensive search features and live notifications.

Trucker Path

This comprehensive load board allows you access to job posts as well as other important trucker information.

You will have access to over 150,000 posts each day, meaning you will have no trouble securing extra work.

You can see if the broker you are working with is reputable thanks to information such as their credit score.

You will also be able to see extra information, such as maps with truck stops and fuel stops.

This is a nice feature for those new to the industry or those who are traveling along new routes.

While Trucker Path is not as expansive as other load boards, it is free.

So, if you are worried about expenditures, you can try this load board at no cost to better learn if it will meet your needs.

What is the best load board to use for flatbeds?

Any of the above load boards are great to use for flatbed truck drivers.

They will all have different search filters, so you can get right to the jobs that are specifically for flatbed trucks.

If you still aren’t sure which load board to choose, we recommend talking to other flatbed truck drivers.

Those who have been in the industry for a while will be able to tell you from experience what has worked for them.

Which load board pays the most to flatbeds?

Load boards are community marketplaces that act as an intermediary between truckers and brokers.

Each company is in charge of setting the pay rate for a job, so load boards have nothing to do with how much you will be paid.

Look for load boards that clearly state how much the job pays.

This way you won’t waste your time searching for a job that is worth taking.

How do I choose a load board for the flatbed?

A lot of load boards will charge a monthly fee for their services.

While this is understandable, it means you might not want to jump around and sample all the load boards available.

We suggest starting with load boards that are either free or offer a free trial membership.

This way you can get used to their format and see if they work for you.

If you do have the capital and don’t mind paying fees, then finding a load board with the greatest number of daily posts is an easy option.

This way the odds are in your favor that you will be successful at finding jobs that work for your schedule.


A load board is an online tool that connects truckers with brokers.

Each load board will have thousands of jobs posted daily that you can search for to find a job that works with your route availability and schedule.

The best load boards for flatbed truckers will have multiple search filters and a transparent pay system.