Load boards are an excellent way of making more money from an unused truck but some types of work are easier to get than others.

While it is more niche, here are some load boards that will help you pick up new jobs with your dump truck.

Best load boards for dump trucks: There are many load boards specific to dump trucks. Truckers Life, Dumptruckloads, and Trux are smaller sites but are more specific to posts for dump trucks.

You can also try large-scale, well-known load boards such as DAT and Truck Stop. With these sites, you can use the search filters to find jobs specific to dump trucks, so you can keep busy and make more money.

Just one of these great options below will definitely help you get loads for dump trucks.

5 Best Load Boards for Dump Trucks

5 Best Load Boards for Dump Trucks

Truck Stop

Truck Stop is an all-purpose load board. It covers many types of trucking gigs but as there are thousands of posts each day, there will be plenty of dump truck jobs on offer.

Similar to DAT (see below), Truck Stop charges you a monthly membership fee.

This ranges from $39 per month to $149 per month.

And, if you sign up through this link, you’ll receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card when you book your first load – your first month, basically free!

We suggest starting out on the lower end to see if you like the interface.

There are many great features with Truck Stop, including email and text alerts, weather reports, and information about payments.

You can also download the app you can search on the go.

Truckers Life

At Truckers Life, you can find a specific section for dump truck jobs.

Not only do you have access to thousands of dump truck jobs, but you can also upload a profile of your dump truck and have shippers contact you directly.

With this load board, you can search by state and distance. You also have access to social media feeds to keep posted on all the latest news.

As the name says, Dump Truck Loads caters to drivers of dump trucks. In fact, they are the leading site for this specific part of the trucking industry.

Membership is free which is a real bonus as many larger sites will charge you monthly memberships. While the jobs might not be as numerous as other, larger sites, because the focus is only on dump trucks, this is an excellent starting point.


This site takes a little bit of time to navigate at first, but once you get used to Trux, you should have no problem finding loads that fit your schedule.

Trux is a logistics company but part of their site includes an online marketplace, or load board. Here you can search for extra dump truck gigs by state and distance, so you can wade through the thousands of posts.

There is also a handy app you can download for free. It is easy to navigate and won’t glitch on you, so you can have access to the load board whenever you need it and wherever you are.


You’ll see the load board DAT come up often and for good reason. DAT has over one million loads posted each day.

While these posts include all manner of trucking jobs, there are sure to be plenty of gigs specific to dump trucks. You can easily narrow your search field to help you save time.

DAT is a great starting point but it does cost money. A basic membership costs $45 per day while a premium membership costs $135 per day.

The premium membership gives you more benefits but it is a lot to pay, so we suggest trying out the basic level first, to ensure the load board has everything you need to succeed.

What is the best load board to use for dump trucks?

There are two types of options for load boards for dump trucks.

You can choose an all-purpose board, such as DAT or Truck Stop, or a dump truck-specific board, such as

There’s no right or wrong answer to what you go with.

If you have previously driven other types of trucks, you might be familiar with the larger boards, so this is the easiest way to go.

You won’t have to spend more time learning a new interface.

Smaller load boards are often free, so these make for better options if you want to save as much money as possible.

Whenever you can, have a quick look at the website and the app to see which option is the most user-friendly.

Which load board pays the most to dump trucks?

While load boards pay the same rate, as the jobs are all individual, some boards will charge a membership fee.

Generally, sites with more jobs will have larger fees, as you’re better guaranteed to get a job.

Any good load board site will tell you exactly what the pay is for the job.

This transparency means you don’t have to waste your time negotiating with the company.

Even if a job pays well, pay attention to other factors, such as how far out of the way the job is.

With the rising cost of gas, having a route that isn’t right where you want it to be can quickly cut into your profits.

How do I choose a load board for dump trucks?

One criterion for choosing a load board if you are a dump truck is knowing what area you will primarily be driving in.

If you regularly want to pick up loads in big cities, then smaller load boards will have plenty of jobs.

However, if you are more remote, you may need to expand your net, which is where larger-scale load boards really shine.

There will be more jobs, so there will be a larger percentage of finding one that works with your geographical needs.


Dump trucks may not be as in demand as reefers or dry vans, but you can still find extra work through load boards.

Whether you choose a load board specific to dump trucks or one that has a broader reach, you are bound to be able to pick up extra work and fill your empty truck.