Load boards are amazing tools to help you pick up trucking shifts, thus maximizing your time and making you more money. However, if you drive a car hauler, it can be harder to find specialized jobs.

Take a look at this list of the best load boards for car haulers to keep your fleet moving!

Best load boards for car haulers: You can find a specialized load board, such as Super Dispatch or Uship, both of which have thousands of car hauler jobs posted daily.

Another option is to go with an all-purpose load board, such as DAT or Truckstop. You can then search through the millions of posts to find jobs just for car haulers.

5 Best Load Boards for Car Haulers


We’ll start with an all-purpose load board, simply because it has so much to offer.

While DAT is not special to car haulers, there are so many jobs available, many of which are about auto transportation.

Just how many posts are there? Over one million, every day.

This wide selection of jobs includes all manners of transportation needs.

You can easily navigate through the search parameters, so you can find exactly the type of job you are looking for.

This saves you time and makes it less overwhelming.

Included in the search features is information about broker credit scores, mileage routing, and how many days until you can expect payment.

Just be aware that you will need to pay a monthly fee to access this information.

The rates start as low as $45 per month but go up to $135 per month, so you can choose an access point based on your individual needs.

Central Dispatch

Those wanting a more niche load board will appreciate Central Dispatch.

This load board boasts that it is the largest auto transportation marketplace, so is definitely a great place to start for car haulers.

Important information is included in each posting, including where the vehicle is going and what the pay is.

You can even contact the shipper directly for more information and to schedule pickup.

There is a really nice map feature that helps you calculate distance.

This feature is essential if you are new to the industry or are traveling in unfamiliar areas.

Super Dispatch

While sometimes you want to access your load board on your computer, other times you are on the go and need an app for the information.

With Super Dispatch, both forms are easily accessible.

Some features include booking without any paperwork and instantly claiming jobs.

You can even program your search features which will generate load suggestions, saving you precious time.

As the name implies, is all about shipping cars.

The load board is convenient and regularly updates information.

Booking jobs is instantaneous and their site is easy to navigate. You even have the option to negotiate your pay rate.


While many load boards will charge a monthly fee, which is usually worth it, there are load boards that are free to access.

Uship is one such option.

Instead of a monthly membership, you need to pay as you go, which means you only have to pay a fee if you book a job.

This is ideal if you only pick up the occasional extra car hauling route.

There are many types of jobs available for car haulers, which is ideal if you have a more versatile vehicle.

For example, you can also find jobs for tractor-trailers or even pickup trucks with a trailer.

With Uship, you can update your profile with your work availability and price expectations.

This allows shippers to look through your profile and contact you directly with work.

What is the best load board to use for car haulers?

Car haulers are more specialized than other types of trucking.

For example, if you have a standard dry van, there are far more jobs available to you.

Car haulers have two options when it comes to load boards.

You can sign up for a load board with the largest inventory of jobs as there will still be a good percentage for car haulers, or you can access a load board specifically meant for car haulers.

Both options will work out in the end, and it usually comes down to the site itself and how easy it is to navigate.

If you can, take a look at a few load boards and pick the one that is the most intuitive to use.

Which load board pays the most to car haulers?

Load boards offer a broad range of jobs for car haulers.

It is not the load board that pays truckers but rather the shipping company that is posting on a board.

All load boards are good at posting the pay for a specific job.

You can even choose payment as a search parameter so you don’t waste your time.

You can also look for load boards, such as, which allows you to negotiate your payment.

Having the option to connect directly with a shipper may also allow for some negotiation to happen.

How do I choose a load board for car haulers?

Before you choose a load board, ask yourself how often you will be using it.

If you know you will be picking up multiple car hauling jobs a month, then it makes sense to use a load board that charges a monthly fee.

However, if your schedule is busy and you only want to pick up a few shifts a year, then stick to free load boards or ones that offer a pay-as-you-go fee structure.

This way you don’t have to pay for a tool you don’t use, or worry about those extra fees each month.


While car haulers are more specialized than other types of trucks, there are still plenty of jobs available.

Whether you use an all-purpose trucking load board or one catered for car carriers, you should be able to pick up the shifts you want.