A lot of modern GPS apps have greater capabilities than simply providing navigation. So, when you’re looking out for a GPS app that is great for truck navigation, you want to keep in mind all of your trucking needs.

There are GPS apps that are built with truckers in mind, with a focus on features that only truckers really use.

When you’re planning out your trucking routes, having a top notch GPS app that is capable of providing navigation for trucks specifically is essential.

For example, an app that can take into consideration what the dimensions of your truck are, how to keep the driver safe, as well as making sure you’re not spending too much time idling because of a route choice.

Today, we’re going to look at the best navigation apps suitable for truckers and what to look out for when choosing the right app.

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What Is A GPS?

A Global Positioning System (GPS) is made up of a system of 31 satellites, GPS receivers, and radar stations.

Some GPS devices are also referred to as trucking GPS units. These receivers can even be integrated into cars, smartphones, and other smart items. They are used to track the item’s geographic location.

In order to work out the location of the device, the receivers utilize a software that processes and captures signals that are broadcast by around 4 satellites at once.

You can also find handheld GPS devices that can be used when you’re on the go as well as separate devices that can go onto the dashboard of your car or vehicle.

Other functions of a GPS device include:

  • Calculating how fast you’re traveling
  • Determining which direction you’re traveling in
  • Tracking vehicle
  • Calculating route distance

Is There A Special Type Of GPS For Truckers?

Regular GPS routing is not as complex as that of truck routing. There are several reasons for this. For example, trucks and commercial vehicles are not allowed to drive on particular types of road.

As well as this, they have height and weight restrictions. Truckers tend to avoid using GPS apps like Google Maps as these are heavily catered towards personal vehicles such as cars and vans.

To navigate around, truckers need to use a particular kind of GPS app specifically for them. These apps need to take into account all of the limitations that come with driving a truck.

Just like regular navigation apps, truck routing apps will provide you with spoken directions as the driver requires them whilst also taking into consideration all of the road restrictions and CMB parameters.

These apps help to keep drivers safe as well as making sure they obey the road and traffic laws.

Does Google Maps Work For Truckers?

Google Maps is a fantastic free GPS tool which is great when using it for personal destinations and route navigating. However, the app only allows the user to input up to 10 stops.

As well as this, Google Maps doesn’t order these stops in terms of distance from each other, it only orders them in the same way that they were first inputted. For this reason, using Google Maps for trucking and delivery routes is not suitable.

The process of routing for trucks is a lot more complicated than routing for regular vehicles. When routing CMVs road types, tunnels, and bridges all need to be accounted for.

The vehicles’ height and weight needs to be taken into account. Because of this, Google Maps is not the most suitable app for planning truck routes.

The Benefits Of Using A GPS App

Using a GPS app has become absolutely essential for most, if not all, truck drivers. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using a GPS app.

  • Safety: GPS apps for truckers include important safety information. Measurements such as weight limits, height limits, speed limits, and other information will all be communicated through the app.
  • Efficiency: Decent GPS applications will be successful in making trucking routes. They will be able to direct a driver from point to point and order those points in the most efficient way.
  • Reliability: The best of the GPS apps on the market will be updated regularly so that they can be constantly relied upon.
  • Saves money: All decent GPS applications will find the most efficient routes for your journeys. This means that your fuel expenses and other truck related costs will be reduced.
  • Saves time: By providing drivers with the shortest and quickest routes they can save time on their trips.
  • Improves driving habits: With the help of a good GPS app, you will start to notice your driving habits improving.

Features To Consider From A GPS App

There are certain things to take into consideration when choosing the right GPS app for you. Let’s take a look at some of these now.

Fuel Tracking

GPS applications that are synced to your truck will be able to successfully track the miles per gallon as well as other fuel data.

Some apps are able to identify where fuel providers are and which ones are nearest to your current location so that you can top up your fuel when required.

As well as this, some of them also store what the current gas prices are.

Speed Monitoring

Lots of GPS apps also have the capacity to monitor the way the driver is performing. They can pinpoint bad driving habits as well as reckless driving habits.

Of course, take this with a grain of salt, since computers can’t always tell you how to drive!

You may find this useful if you’re a fleet owner who is looking to monitor these habits, or if you’re wanting to monitor other issues like idling your engine.

Route Planning And Optimization

The most sought after feature of these apps is the route planning feature.

When looking for a good app, you want to consider what its capabilities are when it comes to optimizing your routes and even when it comes to prioritizing stops.

As well as this, there are other elements such as tracking tolls, weather, and traffic.

Voice Navigation

As with any modern navigation app, you can experience turn by turn navigation without the need to look at your screen thanks to voice navigation. You will be able to relax and drive stress free knowing that you can listen to the directions and not have to rely on looking at the map.

What Commercial Vehicles Should Rely On GPS Apps?

There are many types of commercial vehicles all in different sizes and shapes. Some commercial vehicles include trucks, vans, buses, trailers, and also taxis.

Though there are different types of commercial vehicles depending on the state you’re in, usually a commercial vehicle is something that is registered to a particular company.

GPS App For Truckers

Because of this broad category, not all vehicles will have the same restrictions for the road. As well as this criteria, vehicles that have a gross weight of over 26,001lbs would also be considered a commercial vehicle.

There are 8 different classes of vehicle types and each of these have their own road restrictions and requirements.

Best iOS And Android GPS Apps For Truckers

When looking for the best truck GPS app, you will want more features than just road and route navigation.

An app that is best for truckers will also offer accurate directions, voice navigation, efficiency planning, and traffic updates.

There are several important GPS apps available today, but we are going to cover only the best GPS apps for truckers here.

1. Sygic Truck GPS Navigation

This navigation app is one of the most downloaded apps of its kind. It can be used offline, as long as you download the map areas you’re wanting to use first.

It was made to aid truck navigation specifically. It can also be used to help with navigation for RVs, vans, and buses.

As well as these features, the Sygic truck GPS navigation application has a voice navigation system as well as offering route planning and alternatives.

On top of this, the app will show you routes that help you avoid tolls and a lot more!

With this app you can make the most of tailor made routes specifically for large vehicles and trucks.

Millions of truck drivers all over the world put their trust in this app everyday and have only had great things to say about it. All you need is to download it onto your smartphone and off you go!

Download on iOS
Download on Android

2. PTV Navigator

This app is great for helping truck drivers plan safe routes that are always up to date with road restrictions as well as the necessary traffic information for their routes.

This app also shows drivers how to avoid tolling stations as well as giving you the opportunity to input the dimensions of your truck so that the navigation can take these into consideration.

Unfortunately, this navigation app is only able to be downloaded onto Android devices. However, if you can access it, it is definitely worth it.

The app is able to optimize your routes quickly and enables transport planners to find better schedules and routes.

You can also plan several routes in advance, this means you can simply select a preplanned route and then head off without spending hours setting up your route navigation on the morning of your journey.

Download on Android

3. Trucker Path App

This app is a very popular choice for truckers who are looking for an improved GPS navigation system.

It is able to help truckers find truck stops, fuel stops, parking areas, and weigh stations throughout their planned route. It also provides a way to plan trips and routes for truckers.

Other than the GPS aspect of this app, it also has an enterprise edition fleet management system.

On top of this, drivers are able to access the Truckloads aspect of the app to find out what the freight hauling requests are from various freight companies.

In particular, this app focuses on updating and building their maps regularly to work for truck drivers.

If you’re looking for an app that is loved by truckers around the world, then this is the one for you. You are able to download this app onto both Android and iOS smartphones.

Download on Android
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4. SmartTruckRoute – Best GPS App for Delivery Drivers

SmartTruckRoute understands that driving a truck can be tough, especially when it comes to navigating.

This app helps to create routes with trucks in mind as well as giving you a free live map update. This ensures that your maps will always be up to date.

The app also takes bridge heights, clearances, one-way roads, load limits, sharp turns, and allowances into consideration when planning your route and it will alert you to these before you start driving.

Your driving habits will vastly improve with this app helping you to avoid fines as well as helping you keep safe on the road.

Updates are made hourly on this app meaning that any road restrictions or closures will be notified to you as soon as they occur.

As well as this, there is a live assistance function where you can get in touch with SmartTruckRoute directly with any queries or concerns you may have.

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5. Route4Me

This fabulous truck routing application is the perfect solution for truck navigation. The app offers drivers smooth transitions throughout the entire route planning process.

It has its own route optimization software helping you find the quickest and most efficient route available to you. It also has a cloud based optimization web platform.

Your route planner will go on auto-pilot automatically updating and optimizing your route whilst you’re on the go. This app is great for people who rely on their truck for business and subcontracting usage.

It’s also excellent to have multiple employees using it at once so you can assign and dictate specific routes to your workers.

There is also the option to import your customer list and addresses so that the app can order them in the most efficient way making your deliveries so much smoother.

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6. Waze

This is another excellent app that can be used for personal ventures as well as business ventures.

It has updates in real-time for accidents, road construction, or roadblocks that may be happening along your route.

Truckers are able to stay as up to date as possible on potential road hazards that can seriously affect the timeliness of your route.

It will also give you a live update on your estimated arrival time depending on how your journey is going.

This app doesn’t allow you to input your height and weight restrictions which is the only downside to using this app.

However, every other feature is perfect for efficiently reaching your destination. If you’re driving a particularly large truck then it may be best to use another app from this list.

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7. Circuit Route Planner

Circuit Route Planner is the best option for those who are making several deliveries per day.

This app allows you to optimize multiple driver routes which is especially handy if you’re managing a team of drivers.

There are options to keep customers updated with the delivery drivers whereabouts as well as giving them proof of delivery should they need it.

This GPS app has some of the best traffic update features available.

Your work will become more timely and efficient meaning that there may be days where you actually get to finish early thanks to the app’s fantastic route planning software!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There An App For Truckers?

Absolutely, as demonstrated in this article there are plenty of apps that you can choose from as a truck driver. Most of these are available for both iOS and Android devices, so you should have no trouble finding one that works for you.

Do You Have To Pay To Use A Trucker GPS App?

Some apps do require you to subscribe to access their services, especially if you’re looking to use a trucker navigation app that can help you manage a team of drivers and employees.

However, there are also options where you don’t have to pay. Make sure to read the app’s description where it details in app purchases before you download the app.

Does Google Maps Show You How To Avoid Low Bridges?

Unfortunately, Google Maps can’t show you if you need to avoid low bridges.

It also doesn’t have the option to tell you about any height or weight restrictions on commercial routes. Therefore, it is unwise to rely on Google Maps for your truck routing.


This list has featured the top 7 trucker navigation apps for all kinds of truckers from leisurely RV drivers to daily u-haul delivery drivers. Make sure to check the reviews on any app you’re considering downloading before you commit to it.

We hope that this list has helped you to determine the best GPS navigation app for all your trucking needs. Drive safely!